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About Batson Marketing

Batson Marketing is a full-service graphic design and communications firm concentrating on strategic multimedia and print communications. We use these methods of media to build brand and communicate effectively, achieving results.


We will continue to see an increased need for companies of various sizes and industries to require a web presence to remain competitive in the 21st Century marketplace. Batson Marketing is committed to remaining on the cutting-edge of technology, allowing clients that rely on our services to always be positioned prominently on the Internet.

Your marketing plan, as well as your industry, will most likely determine how extensive of a web site that will be required to assist your company in accomplishing its goals and objectives. Many larger corporations are now requiring their vendors to have some type of Internet presence prior to entering a business relationship. The Internet has become a vehicle for showcasing your company. If you have never been asked, "What's your web address?" it will not be long before that day comes. Using the Internet for research is also leading many potential clients to their new vendors; traditional means of selecting vendors will continue to decrease. While these traditional methods will always be a consideration, we have already begun to see an additional importance placed on using the Internet to promote and provide comprehensive information about your company.

It is not only in the B2B network, it is also the consumer that is relying on the Internet to make better, more informed buying decisions. We assist your company in identifying and understanding the type of presence that will best suite your needs. Our company maintains a single-point-of-contact relationship providing development, hosting, and marketing services. We desire to become an extension of your organization, using our specialized talents and skills to better position your business for growth.